Dojo Pictures
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The Power of Chinkuchi
Paul Coleman, IkKyu (now NiDan) shows
the power of Okinawa Karate by
breaking the dojo makiwara
(conditioning board) with a punch!!!!
It's amazing what one
can do in Photoshop ;-)
Many of our students take
their training VERY serious.
Below, Karate & Kobudo
ShoDan Rob McDonnell
shows off his
new tatoo that reads
"RyuKonKai Kobudo".
On his other calf is
the kanji for Isshinryu!!!!
1st Generation Isshinryu
Sensei Tom Lewis
2007 Isshinkai Enbukai
1st Generations Isshinryu
Sensei John Bartucevics
Sensei A.J. Advuncula
Sensei Robert Safreed